The Villages

Tignale is made up of six small villages, each built closely around its church and enriched by interesting mediäval builings. The little lanes are charming, connected by "landrùne (covered walkways between houses). The churches in all the villages contain works of historic and artistic interest.



The main village of Tignale, with its town hall and services. The parish Church Santa Maria Assunta is well worth visiting, as are the village streets Via Castello and Via Campello, where you can still see traces of the old village that was built around the "castle".



Located above Gardola, small, with enchanting scenes round every corner and the Church of San Lorenzo. From here you have access to numerous footpaths taking you on pleasant walks where you can discover the countryside and mountain area of Tignale.



Easy to reach from Gardola. Near the Church of San Bernardo, you can see an old stone press once used for grinding olives. From Aer, you can walk to Piovere along the "sentiero del sole" (sunny footpath). On the way you pass an attractive waterfall.



Coming up from the lake you drive through Oldesio on the way to the main village Gardola. Surrounded by olive trees, this pleasant village with its lanes, the Church of San Rocco and the old washing-trough, is witness to the way of life of past centuries. From Oldesio there is a breathtaking footpath linking the plateau of Tignale to the lakeside, arriving at the port.



The Park Museum is in Prabione, along with the public open-air swimming pool, the Church of san Zenone and the old distillery. From Prabione you can walk down to Campione via foothpath n°266.



This is the first village you pass driving up from the lakeside. its sunny position offers visitors an enchanting historical centre, beautiful panoramics viewpoints and the Church of San Marco. There are several footpaths where you can walk or go mountain biking from here.