The Churches


The Sanctuary of Montecastello

The most importantl place to visit in Tignale is the Sanctuary of Montecastello. This is situated a little below the peak of Monte Cas on a spur of rock sheer above the lake. There are wonderful views from the Sanctuary - because of its unique location you can see from the high peaks of Monte Baldo on the oder side of the lake, to the Siemione peninsula in the south, and all the spectacular scenery between. The Sanctuary has recently been restored and is one of the most visited and famous holy places around Lake Garda because of its artistic and architectural beauty, its locaton and the atmosphere of spirituality it evokes. The Sanctuary rose from the ruins of an ancient temple that subsquently became a castle. You can still the "Holy chapel" whose origins are said to date from 800 A.D. The Sanctuary is richly decorated and has attractive frescoes attributed to the school of Giotto, and is said to have been dedicated to the Madonna after a miraculous apparition af a star, in fact the Sanctuary is also know as the sanctuary of the Madonna of the Star. The walk up to Sanctuary is very pleasant with wonderful views over the lake.


San Pietro

The lttle Church of San Pietro dating back to 500/600 A.D. is located about 200m from a settlement with origins between the Middle Bronze Age and the Roman epoch, which in the early Middle Ages became Gardola. This little Church at the entrance to Gardola, with its splendid view of the lake, now houses a small museum with tombs from the early Middle Ages and a beautiful mullioned window. The Church is open to visitors.